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Win 8.1 and RT 8.1 Impressions


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I meant on my pro. I haven't messed with the RT to see battery life on 8.1. but the update did install with no issue on the RT and its much faster now. ill check it out once I get the chance.

you are like me, we have too many devices. lol its time to streamline. im trying to sell my nexus 7 and galaxy note 10.1 to use that money towards either the dell venue pro 8, asus t100, or even the dell venue 11 with removable battery. the asus is the best value as it has keyboard included. oh, n ive been very impressed with Surface2 performance as its been reported and seen in videos. I know my pro can do everything it does but it looks so sexy..lol and the battery life is crazy. my pro will be my main at home device and the surface 2 or whatever else can be my travel companion.

At one time I did think about the Pro (the new version), but then I want the lighter solution. Plus, a full Win 8.1 on the tablet would be a waste for me. Plus it is cheaper.