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How to Set SP3 in Ycbr444 Display Mode?


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All my external monitors have a whitsh "washed-out" appearance. I remember I had this issue before and I had to set my nVidia graphics setting from RGB to Ycbr444...

With the Sp3, there's obviously no graphics settings other than the stock windows 8 setting.

Does anyone know how to do this?



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Hmm, not sure, but maybe the drivers direct from Intel allow that option?

Odd that your monitors are expecting YCbCr instead of RGB. Do your monitors have a "Black Level" setting? It may have a different name as it varies from manufacturer, but it would allow you to set PC video levels (0-255) or Video/YCbCr (16-235) levels.


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Yeah that sounds backwards, unless you're using TV's as monitors. I know Nvidia had a "problem" for the longest time when connecting a monitor via HDMI where it would detect it as a TV and send 16-235 and the only way you could change it to RGB was with a reg hack, but they fixed that a few driver revisions back.

16-235 is not "wrong" and 0-255 is not "right". One just needs to make sure that the source and the display match.

I would first look in the monitor settings and see if you can manually switch to RGB there, or at least a "info" option that will tell you what the signal is. Also you could try the Intel graphics as that will include the control panel. I am not 100% sure if it has the option to change, but it does have quite a few more settings.


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That option should be in the HD Control Center. You can delete the current display driver and flash the stock one from Intel. That should give you the HDCC.
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