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HTML 5 video on Windows RT


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I'm looking to buy the Surface RT to complement my desktop.

One of the usage that i could have is using the surface to Watch tutorial videos, freeing my desktop screen. More specifically, i enjoy the 3dbuzz tutorials.

I went to my local shop and found a Surface RT on show. I load one of the tutorials (like Unity Standard - Simple 2D Shooter - 01 - Introduction - 3DBuzz), but i didn't work. I went to the "desktop IE", which did nothing. Compatibility mode : nope. Even try the "flash whitelist trick", which neither worked (but, maybe it needs an admin account). It's strange because thoses videos works flawlessly on my WP8 device.

So, i would like to know if any of the Surface RT users around here are able to watch thoses videos.


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So, i went back to the store to keep toying.

I tried to change the user agent in desktop IE, with no more success (still the same "html5" error, i was hoping for a "flash disabled" error at least...)
I inspected the page to find the link of the .mp4 video file. Using directly this link in IE launched the video app and the video launched fine.

Definitely inconvenient, so i'll try to contact the site to see what can be done.


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You can try disabling the "ActiveX" filtering from setting. Or easier, click on the icon that appears next to the address bar in desktop mode and disable filtering for the site. The latest update for RT automatically sets the ActiveX filtering on.