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Microsoft Surface RT Videos (Reviews, Tips, Apps)


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Hi all,

I am starting a series of videos that will look at every aspect of the Surface RT tablet. I do reviews on different aspects of the device, basic tutorials to learn how to use the device and app reviews on the best, most useful and free apps.

I have previously done very successful videos on the Asus Transformer Prime (150 videos) and the Nexus 7 (100 videos) but I see this as being my biggest project to date since Windows 8 is such a radical departure from previous version that I'll be posting many videos as I learn new and interesting things. Here are a few videos just to give you a flavour of my work.




I am literally scratching the surface (every pun intended) of this device and will be kicking out a couple of videos everyday for a good few weeks. I'll be updating this thread regularly. I hope you find them useful, entertaining and informative.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi vgjfelix, welcome to the forum. Nice videos. They are well done. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks. I'm hoping to learn a lot from the forums in order to create more videos to help other people with this new toy :)
Welcome vgjfelix and a big thank you for creating those reviews, which should be very useful for new users :)
Thanks for the videos Well Done.
I beleive I have seen your work on the Andriod Forums.
Just a note on the Apps video where you where talking about font sixze I think that is up to the developer in this case.
On the CBC news app (Canadian) a swipe to bring up app settings produces a Font setting that will give you a sliding bar
to increase font size.
Great to see you over here. Your videos at Transformer Forums are quite popular. I'm sure you will do a similarly great job here.
And that's the topic of this video.

First of all I know this review is completely out of number sequence, I just wanted to put this one up as soon as I did because this topic is important to me.

Font sizes. Once again another tablet fails to deliver when it comes to giving us the freedom to set font sizes how we would like. That's what we do a lot of the time with tablets, and you can always resize fonts in books readers. So why doesn't this extend to apps and the tablet (and I'm talking about tablets in general here) eco system as a whole. Well one app in this video proves it is possible with a brilliant feature.

The videos look great - is there something wrong with the volume? I have everything turned up and can barely hear anything.
Here begins my App-Snack videos. First one is a simple live clock and date tile:

A quick look on my experiences (so far) of how the tablet lock and unlocks