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Microsoft Surface RT Videos (Reviews, Tips, Apps)

Here's another video where I vent (and rant) my frustrations over the lack of font size support on Windows RT apps. Three technology apps (you would think these would go hell for leather to make sure their apps were accessible) fail to produce a font size that matches the Surface RT screen size.

And I give some more love to the News Republic app team ;)

In this video I get stuck trying to apply the flash whitelist method to a website. Help, I don't know what to do! :(

You are adding the website entries into the wrong element of the XML file, you are adding them to the <NaturalTextMetrics> element when you should be adding the sites to the <Flash> element. Search the XML file for </Flash> and put your entries above that then clear the cache etc., Gorilla Vid works fine.
In this video I, er, get fed up with the Surface over what is probably trivial thing.

No ranting today. Just a basic video about multi-tasking.

In this video I look at the grey area of when you're not quite sure whether something will work on the Surface RT or not and the difficult, clouded position the tablet puts itself in in the tablet market.

Silverlight never has gained a ton of popularity. What surprises me is that the site requires it. That leaves out a lot of devices.
In this video I do something admittedly a little bit boring. I write my script for the video on the Surface RT to test out how quickly I can type. Enjoy... if you can ;)

In this video I test how quickly emails are received by the native mail application on the Surface RT, and compare it to android devices.

My guess before watching the video is it is quite a bit slower (than Android at least). It takes a few seconds for the app to even open. In Android I can read email with a widget and notifications without even having to go into the mail app. Off to watch the video...

Edit: Slightly misinterpreted the title. Obviously that comparison doesn't do much since the Surface RT isn't receiving push (which is a good point to make in itself). As far as time to access the email you tangentially touched on it. Maybe you could focus a little more on that in a short update video.

Time how long to view a new email in Android through a widget, the notification bar and the mail app and compare how long those times are to opening the Surface mail app and having the new email populate before being able to read it.

Also is your Nexus 7 alive? It kept trying to run away ;)
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In this video I chuck everything I can find at the Microsoft Surface RT's USB port. The results... are pretty good :)