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Microsoft Surface RT Videos (Reviews, Tips, Apps)



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In this video I show you that it's possible to zoom in and out of 'some' apps although it's not obvious to you if you don't know you can do it.



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In this video I show you how you can increase the speed of your browser (a little bit) and protect your tablet from harmful websites at the same time using tracking protection lists.



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Hey all. Been away for a few weeks because I've been putting together this


This is my full and honest review of the Microsoft Surface RT. The first and showcase Windows RT tablet computer that sees Microsoft propel itself into this new and rapidly emerging market.

My views and opinions come from three months of using the device. Of course no matter how long a video review is it can't cover everything so apologies if you think I've missed anything.

Like it or hate it, agree or disagree, share your thoughts in the comments.

I have decided at this point that I've completed my Surface RT journey so I am going to sell it. I will continue to do more videos until it is sold but I can't imagine that will take took long.

Thanks for watching and supporting my videos.



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@vgjfelix...While I applaud your effort and the (slightly cheesy) production values, your review (the complete one), is a rather biased one. What is interesting is how often you use the word "stupid" when reviewing some of the features of the hardware and software! Of course, what you omit to mention is that what appears stupid to you is merely your opinion - coloured as it is by your personal biases and preconceived notion about what a personal computing device should be. In so far as your opinions are concerned, I respect them, but I don't think you should refer to your presentation as a review. That it is not.


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Here is volume two of my Surface RT Basics tips series. 10 tips in around 10 minutes.


@0:05 Mouse Basics
@1:50 Pin Basics
@3:13 Setting for Startscreen and Desktop
@4:21 Naming Tile Groups
@5:20 Lock Screen Notifications
@6:13 Touch Screen Right Click
@7:05 Simple Desktop Navigation
@8:12 Mult-Tasking Basics
@9:52 Swiping in and out
@11:20 Speed up and Protect Your Browsing
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vgjfelix, just watched a bunch of your videos and enjoyed them.. Keep up the good work.
Being new to the Surface pro I picked up a few tips from you..



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I just wanted to comment and say that your tips are awesome and very helpful.

When I get home I will have to look through them all.

Thanks for your effort!
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