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I broke Skydrive...help


I tried to out think Skydrive and I think I broke it. When 8.0 came out, the desktop app wouldnt upload everything I wanted and I added some script (not mine) to add other folders to Skydrive. Now, its a buggered up. two things are going on. First, I removed everything from the app and it still says that its uploading and downloading 1000s of files which is wrong. There is nothing going on. Second, most of my documents now have duplicates and even triplicates with "-suface" at the end. How I do I reset skydrive and is there a way to clean up those files? I have attached the screenshots of the 2 problems.



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I'm not a scripter, but maybe information about the actual script would help since you didn't specify removing it (well, its changes, however that works). Uninstalling and reinstalling the app might work, but if the script changes are still in effect somewhere (registry?), then that may not fix it either.


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Do you want all files available offline or not?

I found that if I right click the Skydrive folder and select to allow online only storage, I don't get the local space used up.

Now I have all my files on Skydrive only. Just the way I wanted it.