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I have 2 system drive, But I only want to have 1...How to fix this?


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Hello All,

So I was just about to create a full system image of one of my HDD's, and I noticed that I have 2 different "system" drives.

2 system drives.PNG

My main system drive is the C: Drive, which is the 111.79gig HDD. Im not really sure why the 1TB drive is listed as a system drive, as well as being drive 0. Is there any easy way to fix this so everything to do with the system is back on the 111.79gig C: drive where it belongs? Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

I want to add that I do not have any other OS's installed on any HDD's, and I am only running the 1 Windows 8 Pro
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Isnt this because the 1tb drive has another os on it, if not what all kinds of file types and folders are on this drive?