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IE won't work properly with Gmail?


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Hi all,
got my RT-64GB yesterday. After playing around with it and getting used to it, there is really only one potential show-stopper for me. I use Gmail and G+ a lot, including the "Hangout" function (aka Chat). It seems to me that neither version of the RT's Internet Explorer can handle the Gmail page and especially the chat box very well. I keep getting "lost contact, will try again" messages although the wifi connection is not lost (and my desktop PC with Chrome show now sign of drop-outs). Also the chat-box is extremely slow to receive keyboard inputs, it's lagging a lot.

This is not what I like to see from the Surface RT. Anyone else had problems with Gmail on IE? The chat function on Facebook appears to work ok.

Rgds, Bjarne
Unfortunately it's the same for me, even using IE 11 with Windows 8.1 Preview. Gmail is very slow, to the point of being unusable.
Google is preventing IE 10 and 11 from consuming their content, the need Chrome Browsers (market share and AD impressions) to finish their plans for World Domination (a place where no evil exists and evil translates into Apple and Microsoft) :)
I just logged into Gmail and G+. I did not experience any problems. Though I did observe that G+ did take a few seconds more that what it takes me on my desktop (which is very fast). I am still running Win 8.0 RT on the Surface and it is fully patched. I have not upgraded to 8.1. This also means that I am using IE10 and not IE11. Btw, I should mention that I checked out Gmail and G+ using IE in the Modern UI, but I don't expect the desktop version to be any different. I have no idea as to why you guys may be facing problems logging into Gmail etc.

That said, yes, Google is making life difficult for cross-platform folks like me!!!!!
Try the Compatibility mode in the browsers Address bar (the torn page icon). I have to use it here to post paragraphs and photos here and this site is directly dedicated to Windows 8 devices, its little wonder that Google isn't going out of its way to support MS software.
Well, this is about Gmail, but not with IE. Rather, it is with the Mail App. I tried to send a mail with a 3 MB attachment through my Gmail account on the Mail app, but it just refused to do so. Said there is a problem and to check with my provider. But if I send a one-line tester mail through the same account (using the App) it works. I eventually sent the mail directly through the Gmail site with the attachment and it worked just fine - no problems with Gmail. What could be going wrong. Btw, this happened on both the Surface RT and my desktop machine!!!!