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If you didn't have your Surface Pro...


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What would you have instead?

I've always been a desktop guy, never actually owned any portible computing device... but it was getting to the stage with my current girlfriend and job, that I was going on more and more holidays and training courses etc. I needed to be able to take my technology with me.

At the moment I really like the Lenovo Carbon Touch X1, great looking thing, so I probably would have gone for that. If I eventually stayed with a desktop, I'd probably look towards an all-in-one as I think they look great. Something like the Vizio CA24.
I too would have bought the Carbon! But now, I'd buy a gaming laptop (probably the Asus) and when the new edition of the Surface RT and/ or Pro is released, I'd get that too!
I probably wouldn't have another device. The SP is non-essential for me, but as it is, it ticks all the boxes for things I'd like to do on the move. The digitizer and the light, detachable keyboard cover are major features from my point of view. None of the other devices had the right balance to lure me into adding another device to my collection.
Not another full-sized laptop, that's for sure.

I'd need something slim and very portable and would most likely get it from Lenovo.
Either the Helix or the Viao Duo 13. Too bad Dell doesn't have a decent offering. I have been exclusive to Dell since 95.
Either one of the new model mac air's or nothing and waited for SP2. I was thinking of getting an atom based tablet just cause of price.