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If you were starting over...


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Before Build I would have probably said keep the money and wait for Surface Pro 2... as I was sure there would be some kinda reveal! But, as there wasn't, I guess I'd go out and buy the current one again because I love it :)


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If you use the pen functionality I'd argue there's nothing else better out there. I was able to get my SP for $399 (MS partner promo) so for me it was a no-brainer. I wanted something that I could use to take notes with, have clients sign paperwork on, use as laptop replacement, and use for couch web surfing. The Pro fulfills all of these requirements and nets decent battery life.


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Gotta say that I love my pro - fits my needs today as much as back in February, and is still the device for me when considering size, cost, features, et. al. I'm excited for my next device, but I don't have one in mind that I'd rather have than my SP :)


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I think the takeaway here is that if the SP meets your specific needs, it is an excellent device. If it does what you want it does it well. My problem is that what I want is different than what I thought I wanted but I had to own the SP first to figure that out.

I'm quite curious as to how the ATIV Q and XPS 11 will be priced.
I'd buy one in a second. The Surface Pro is the finest piece of hardware I've ever owned - hands down. The longer I use it, the more I love it. My poor Alienware collects dust, the Pro is that good.


If I had to do it again, I would absolutely buy this device!

So far, it has become the "no limitations tablet"

I can work on my school projects, my work projects, game, watch TV, and sketch on it.

I'm a fan for the near future and I'm looking forward to the SP2.


I too LOVE this thing! I also have a top notch gaming computer, Core i7, dual 1GB video cards, and 3 24" monitors for simulation racing. I have not sat in front of it since I bought the Pro in March. This thing does it all. The only thing I use the desktop for is my iRacing simulator, everything else is done on my Pro. I use it at work and no meetings last more than 3 hours so I can plug it in if need be. So the battery has not been an issue so far. I would buy another in a heartbeat! No regrets so far.


I absolutely would buy the SP again. Nothing compares.

I can't figure out what the hype of the MacBook Air is all about? That would be the last thing I'd replace my SP with. I had to use one the other day for work. I compared them side by side and the MBA screen didn't look as good and the camera was really dark in the identical light. It didn't have a touch screen and the keyboard isn't removable. Worst of all it runs Mac OS. The most frustrating OS I've ever used.