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Should I Buy an SP3 now?


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Bezels are overrated! That's why we have opposable thumbs - to grip the edges!
I would never hold the sp3 one handed without a thumb firmly around the front.. holding the edge with one hand as if there were no bezel and it immediately begins to slip. Thumb around the front and i can hold it with one hand without an issue, rather a useful ability for a touch screen tablet.


The reason why we have issues holding it now and that you need the bezels is because the tablet is still too heavy and thus unwieldy. I am confident if Microsoft was able to shave more weight off the Surface Pro 3 the bezel will then become unnecessary. Its a weight vs grip thing. The lighter it is, the easier it is to wield with one hand even with barely there bezels. I believe even a 20% reduction in weight would be worth it.