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If your Surface Pro suddenly turned back into the wad of money that you paid for it, what would you do? Would you run out and buy a new one? Buy something else? Stick the money in your pocket and wait until the Surface Pro 2 comes out? Buy a MacBook Air? Other?
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Well that happened to me yesterday lol. Well not really, but I bought mine at Best Buy last Saturday had some screen issues took it to the Microsoft store to have it looked at, their suggestion was to return it and then buy it there due to the better warranty and that they could fix it but it would have to be sent off. So I took it back to Best Buy and got my money and turned it into another one from the Microsoft Store with the Microsoft complete plan.

I really love my Surface Pro!


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If your Surface Pro suddenly turned back into the wad of money that you paid for it, what would you do? Would you run out and buy a new one? Buy something else? Stick the money in your pocket and wait until the Surface Pro 2 comes out? Buy a MacBook Air? Other?

I wouldn't change a thing. I use my Surface Pro daily. I knew going into it that the SP was more costly than any other tablet. But I also knew that it was more than a tablet. So, I have no regrets regarding cost.

I did my research prior to buying the SP so I also knew the pros (full Win 8, i5 proc, 4gb RAM) and the cons (~4 hr battery, single position kick stand) about it. So, I no regrets about feature/functionality.

I researched all other available (keyword - available) alternatives. They were all some type of laptop hybrid that required some sort of twisting, pulling, turning, and transforming to go into tablet mode. Having had used previous Windows tablets (HP TX, Toshisba MX) I knew that, at the end of the day, they were still a laptop and I wasn't looking for a laptop. So, I no regrets about form factor but rather think that the SP has the best form factor.

Long story short, IMO, the SP is the best computer in tablet form factor. It does everything I need to do. I never expected it to replace my home computer so I'm not disappointed cuz it doesn't measure up to my home gaming rig. I waited patiently for the SP and bought it day one. It has not disappointed as I use it all day, every day. It is the only device (besides smartphone obviously) that I take while traveling. It is the only device I use at home when not doing hardcore gaming.

It is the best tablet I have owned and I have no regrets buying it and I would do it again. Course, when the SP2 comes out....


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I'd save the money for the Samsung ATIV Q or a Dell XPS 11.

Nothing wrong with the Surface Pro (well not nothing, but it's a solid device for what it is). It's just that as it turns out, I never use the primary feature I bought this for - writing with the pen. That being said I am making too many sacrifices in other areas to have the pen utility. Still a worthy device, but if I had the choice, I'd take the money.

P.S., I can still do this, albeit at a loss on eBay. I have decided I will hold onto my SP until those other devices come out then re-evaluate. Sell it, gift it, not sure.
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The SP is the best I have ever owned in tablets. It is so good we are now getting SPs at work to replace laptops.

I would go buy another one if I had your senerio


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If I'd do it again, I'd save the money and buy the SP, instead of the RT.

I'd have to say that after fooling around with it, nothing really measures to what it does and how it does it.


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The question equally applies to the RT - indeed, I think it is more relevant to the RT than to the Pro.

For those of us who bought the RT, we were/ are not really looking for a lightweight desktop and/ or laptop replacement. Take my case. When I bought the RT, I did not need a laptop replacement. I already had a laptop. What I was looking for was something that would add to my tablet-use capability (since I already have the Nexus 10). Since then two things have happened. The bundled Office suite and the TYPE keyboard allowed me to replicate much of my laptop functions on the RT. This was a gradual process of discovery. My laptop was then deskbound. I used it to access whatever legacy programs I need to. The second thing that happened is that very recently, my laptop (which served as my desktop with external monitors setup) failed. At that point, I needed a machine that (1) would be deskbound and (2) that would allow me to use legacy programs. Instead of buying a laptop, I bought my first desktop in years!!!! But this also meant that my RT has somehow in the midst of all this has become my de facto laptop and it is performing admirably. Remember that when I started out with the Surface RT, it was not my intention to use it as a laptop. In the rarest of cases where I may need access to a legacy program, I can always RDP into my new desktop machine.

So, if I had to do it all over again, I would probably opt for the RT - particularly the Surface RT. Why? I really like the slim lines, the weight, and the battery life. I also like the fact that it comes with the Office Suite, which is basically where I live in addition to the browser. Can all these things be improved? Of course! In particular, I 'd like to see MOX versions of the Office suite (without neutering any of the key capabilities); I'd like an even better battery performance and I'd like to see a better processor (yes, sometimes the RT does seem to struggle, but it is nothing major).
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I had returned my nexus 10 I had for the Rt. Then returned the Rt for the pro at best buy. I love this thing. I have a desktop that can run NASA and I am rarely on it because the pro is all I need. Only complaints are the speakers.
Nice job BILL GATES.
In a few weeks sprint is finally getting a windows 8 phone so then I can get rid of this adware and bloatware android phone.
Then comes November , Xbox One. I can then finally get all my devices talking one happy language...


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As much I have reservations about Google, I would not like to ive up my Nexus 10. It is an excellent e-reader (for me) and media (mainly film). Moreover, it is also an excellent reference machine for me.

Reference machine? Well, I put a lot of my reference materials - which are in either PDF and/ or ePUB formats - on it, which I use when working on the RT. Of course, I also use the RT for a lot of my reading and online work.

I can't see myself getting the Pro in the foreseeable future. But then again, a lesson I have learnt is - never say never!


Wait. Next Atom chip should get the SunSpyder numbers where they ought to be and (I think) give you the additional needed memory, and drop the weight. Microsoft or not depends on what comes out. Taking the money I allocated for the wife's SP and putting it on her new Lexus. I can't imagine trying to handhold her through the current heavy SP with current Win 8. Win 7 on her notebook works better.