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Intermittent and slow WiFi


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Hi, I purchased a surface pro and a type cover about a month ago.

Except from the crappy trackpad (specially in two finger scrolling), which I do not know if its normal, I had a perfect experience until today.

The videos and generally the internet access got a lot slower. And by slow I mean about 500kbps. At first I suspected my ISP, but when I tried from my Lenovo thinkpad the speedtest reported the normal >20Mbps.

Then I tested a LAN transfer from my laptop to my surface. No luck, again the speed was about 500 kbps instead of 10Mbyte/sec that I had in the past weeks.

Finally I connected my surface to the WiFi of my friend, and again the same speeds.

Is there anything that can try, or I should just call the support tomorrow to ask for a service?
What is their service policy?

Here are some screenshots
Screenshot (8).png

Screenshot (9).png

And from my Thinkpad
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You can try disabling selective suspend, but it doesn't sound like that to me. Don't have any iPads or iPhones on your network do you? My service went South on several devices when the kids joined the network for the week.
On our home network there are four computers, five cells, and at least five television sets. I've yet to have an issue with connectivity. I use a cable provider fwiw and I recently bought a new router after our prior one took a fall and literally bit the dust.


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Sounds like a faulty WiFi module to me. Try a USB dongle and see what speeds you get then.


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It could also be your router. I know my iphone 5 and R6300 dont love one another, bu t my SP Wifi Sucked too.
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