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It's 2022 and I STILL believe that a "Tablet" is a form factor and NOT defined by having a mobile OS


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I never liked when Microsoft started advertising the Surface Pro as a "laptop" JUST BECAUSE the Operating System is not a watered down, restricted, mobile phone operating system. Tablet is the form factor. The OS is the OS.

These days Apple has added a Keyboard with a trackpad mouse but they can still call the iPad A TABLET????? Their OS continues to look more and more like a laptop/desktop OS with every iteration of iPad OS and they STILL CALL IPAD A TABLET?

I totally disagree with pushing the Surface Pro out of the Tablet category and calling it a 2-in-1 laptop. It's more like a 3-in-1 because of the docking station letting you hook it up to a monitor and external keyboard or other peripherals.

Soon you'll her about how you can connect an iPad Pro to a docking station and use it like a desktop computer because iPad OS now has multiple window support and desktop class os flexibility etc (which I think it already does now since the latest iPad OS update) but they'll STILL CALL IT A TABLET

Definitely wanted to discuss this subject on here with everyone and hear how you all feel about it too.