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It's... sluggish

Keeping in mind that I'm coming from a MacBook Pro 13" 2017 (and have my wife's 12" MacBook to compare with, as well a 4-year old plastic Acer)...

... my new Surface Pro feels sluggish. As I type this, the letters take a fraction longer to appear than you'd expect. A bit of a stutter. Happens in various places, including Windows Mail and Word.

When I open new windows, change tabs, switch apps, scroll pages... I feel like something is hindering performance.

This is supposed to be a really fast machine, right? It could be just Windows vs MacOS here experience, but the Surface doesn't feel notably faster than my i5/8GB Acer from 4 years ago (which was cheap). It only feels faster when loading a bunch of tabs in a new browser, but even that takes a lot longer than I'd hope - and I'm on wired internet, too.

I've turned off Windows indexing and that seemed to have helped a lot. In the store, they didn't think it was noticeably slower than other machines there.

Is it just me? Are there other people just ticked off by the slight delay in, like, everything?


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And specifically for what you mention:
As I type this, the letters take a fraction longer to appear than you'd expect.
You're right: this forum seems sluggish when it comes to typing. Still it is one of the few forums where you can actually get an answer to questions on Surface devices.
What Surface Pro do you own? I am currently typing this on my Surface (non pro) 3 and it is really sluggish! I am planning on picking up a Surface Pro i5/8/256 LTE this afternoon.


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Hello, @Arachas ,

This is not normal behavior for your Surface Pro. The behavior is likely because Windows is preoccupied with Outlook syncing, Windows installing an update, or something else.

Unfortunately, it is precisely on a new machine that these functions may need to run.

Please give us an update about its performance. The problem should go away.

PS I'm use a couple of MacBooks and a couple of Surface Books, and find the speed of both platforms very similar.


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I have my SP 2017 LTE i5/8/256 and I can confirm that typing on this forum does not go as smooth as one would expect, but that is not an issue of the SP. However in other areas it is way faster than my Surface 3. So if you feel your device is sluggish in general you need to check some things out.
What does the task manager show?

I know that one of my devices at home at times doesn't show an issue in the task manager, but still doesn't run as smooth as it should. Later on I notice it was installing updates. However, that is an older Atom device.


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Since May 2018 there have been several major Windows updates/firmware updates. Curious if you are still experiencing this issue. My Surface Pro 6 does not exhibit this behavior at all on this or any webpage/application.