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Just bought an SP4!


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Just joined this community after purchasing my first SP4 2nd hand off another owner. It was in perfect shape. It has 3 months of warranty left, wish I could extend it, but not a big deal as I may be upgrading to the SP5. I have never owned a surface product, so I wanted to try it first. I sold my Thinkpad T440, and iPad Mini 2, to get this as an all in one replacement.

My version is the i5, 256gb, 8gb. I added my 256gb microsd card I got with my Note7 which I had to return.

Any recommendations? I got a free incipio feather hybrid case for it, but don't really like it. Adds a lot of weight to it. The guy also had a skin on it, carbon fiber which I like. It also has a glass screen protector on it.


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Contrats, @nizmoz , and welcome. We are here to help you with your Surface Pro 4.

There are lots of suggestions here in the Accessories forum.

For a case, I really like the GMYLE felt sleeve. Has worked perfectly for my SP3, SP4, and Surface Books, and saved the Surface and the surface of furniture from dings and scratches. Made for MacBook Pro 13, but even better on the Surface.


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Thanks! I do have a question, for some reason my SP4 battery drains pretty fast. Seems I can only get maybe 2 hours out of it. This doesn't seem normal for this time of machine. Any ideas?