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Solved KB3105210 Update Killed Windows Hello


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So right after the subject Windows update installed this evening, Windows Hello completely failed and would not recognize me and 'improve recognition' failed as well; silently failed as it vainly tried to recognize a face. Rolling back the update fixed the problem - sigh-.

Anybody else have this issue and any advice for what should I do besides disabling automatic updates and using hide tool (already done).


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When I updated to 10586 Thursday, 5 November 2015, Hello was broken until I finally did a full power off and reboot. I tried to re-register my face, as you did, before the reboot. Afterwards, everything was fine.


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Thanks for the response. I had already tried your suggestion to power off and reboot; that didn't do the trick. But since you mentioned not having problems, I decided to try the update again but this time, I turned the Windows Hello feature off before I installed the update. After re-installing the update and turning Windows Hello back on, it worked.


FWIW, that update installed on my i7 SB a couple of days ago (11/5). I don't remember any Hello issues, but I have rebooted since then and presently Hello is working just fine for me...