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Looking for a very basic MP3 player app - recommendations?


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I'm looking for a very simple MP3 player app for my Surface. Would appreciate suggestions. I spent a great deal of time with many apps last night but every one had some flaw or other.

Basically here's what I want - something to play MP3s from a USB stick and either work in the background with the screen off or running in the background while I'm surfing or doing other stuff.

What I DO NOT WANT: Anything that "manages" a "library" or requires me to save or even define playlists. I just want to be able to play all files in a folder in either alphabetical order or in the order prescribed by the MP3 tagging. I miss the Windows Media Player from the desktop side of Windows 8.

The closest thing I've found is the "Simple MP3 Player" app. It does almost everything I want, but when I play with the screen turned off, it stops the playlist after the current song.