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Solved loving windows 10 but no more split screen??


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Well...see here is the thing I don't really get with MS - if you think about it when we split screen in landscape mode into two apps, we get then side by side. Now, if we rotate the screen to portrait mode then we can get that split screen in portrait mode too - here is a use case scenario - lower half of the screen you have OneNote open...top half you have a PDF file...you can write in OneNote and refer to the PDF document without slipping through screens! But why would an intelligent company like MS think and implement things like these???

I'm not arguing against the logic. It makes perfect sense. I never use portrait mode as half the screen is just being wasted (it's not a pad of paper where I have to fill the page before turning to the next one..). But it does seem that tablet mode has constantly been troublesome and behind the rest of the OS, so maybe they've a number of features that they are still working at bringing to fruition. I've left MS feedback on this


It does. Maybe it will change one day. Hey, the youtube app, probably one of the most used apps there is, has only jut been updated to allow full screen portrait mode videos, so clearly everyone is lagging behind in "duh..." features

2 windows 1 above the other in portrait mode just seems like complete common sense. Maybe it will be a case of the complexity in implementing it in an easy to understand manner (this thread shows that normal split screen was tricky enough) will overrule the use of the feature and we won't see it

I've been asking for this top/down arranging of apps in portrait mode for a year. It should be a no brainer