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Split Screen- Sometimes it works....


SO I love the split screen but I think Im using it wrong...let me explain

When I start an app and then want to start another one on the left hand side of the screen, I start the app, go back to the original app ( the app I want on the right hand side of the screen ) and then swipe from right to left to reveal the running apps. THen I select the app I want on the left side screen and drag it there.....SUCCESS.
THe problem is that sometime the apps not there! I think it has to do with if I started the app in desktop mode or from the Modern interface. Is there a steadfast rule on how to get the split screen working everytime no matter where I star and app from?


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Swipe from the left to split screen any 2 or 3 metro apps. Use the same method to split screen a 1 desktop app, and metro apps. If you want to split screen 2 desktop apps, you'll have to use the Windows 7 method. Click on the box icon next to the red x in the upper right corner of the app's window. It will make the window of the app somewhat smaller. Drag the app window all the way to the left. You will see a faint line appear in the middle of the screen. Once you see that line, let go. Open the other desktop app, and reduce it's window size. Drag it all the way to the right until you see that faint line, and let go. The 2 desktop apps are now split screen.