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MS is doing it wrong again!


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I was one of the apparently few Zune fans out there, mine seemed to do it's job just fine and I even upgraded to the Zune HD when it came out, but it always bothered me how MS tried to directly compete with apple using products that were a bit different.

I don't think MS should be saying "Check out OUR tablet, it's cooler than an iPad". It seems to be different enough that they should be advertising it as a touchscreen laptop that you can use as a tablet. I think more people would be impressed and intrigued by that. So far all I've heard from non-tech people is how this is the "zune of tablets". If people think it's basically the same thing as an iPad they probably aren't going to buy it since their ipads work just fine for them. Unless they just hate people that worship apple like I do


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I use a Zune everyday.

This tablet could be huge. I'm not an iHater or anything, but using a Windows box paired with an iPad just doesn't cut it. And as much as I love Android the Android tablets don't mesh that great either.

I want a seamless transition from laptop to tablet and I hope Windows can provide that.


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I agree that this "tablet" looks very cool, but my point is that so far its being represented as Microsoft's answer to the iPad, when it's more like a touchscreen laptop.

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They did mention it's much more than just a tablet. The tech blogs are failing miserably on this one. It is exactly as you say, more like a touchscreen laptop


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Keep in mind people, this really hasn't been advertised yet to the public, just the techies who know about this and follow Microsoft. When this become advertised to the public, I think it will be big.


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Good point to keep in mind the general public is probably still totally unaware of this. My very first thoughts were wow, this is a great replacement for Macbook Airs and similar thin and light laptops. MS is actually touting the x86 Surface as comparable to ultra books. I think this is going to hugely change that market and it happens to also be a tablet.

On one hand you had Android blurring the line between tablets and phones and now you have MS attacking from the other side and blurring the line between PCs and tablets. It will be interesting to see how MS approaches the general public with marketing this but I am thinking they will take the PC/tablet route emphasizing Windows 8 as a real PC OS than try and promote Surface (RT or x86) as just another tablet.

I for one can't wait to be able to replace my laptop with something like this.


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As long as they attack with advertisements such as the Surface Youtube video, I think they will see a good flock of young people.


Besides advertising to the general public they should be thinking about promoting their product at the business level. Many companies already run on their software, this is kind of like an open door in this market.


I am thinking they will take the PC/tablet route emphasizing Windows 8 as a real PC OS than try and promote Surface (RT or x86) as just another tablet.

I couldn't agree more. Who wouldn't want a whole OS in tablet form lol.
In a few months we wont be able to turn on the tv, open a newspaper or watch YouTube vids without this being in our faces 100% of the time.