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My SP6 struggles with the absolute basics...


Erm,,, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook, in fact!

Word documents and EMail work just freeze after a while - sometimes with black all across the top of the screen and down one side. It's been like this with the SP6 since the beginning. I thought it would sort itself out after settling down and updates etc. But whilst it seems slightly better than it used to be, the problem is still there - and obviously, it crops up when you least need it...

OK - I can sort it by shutting down Word/Outlook - also by rebooting, when it's really bad. But when I bought a 512 SSD/16GB RAM machine, with the latest processor, I though I was going to be at the cutting edge. My SP3 doesn't do this.

All software, subscriptions etc. are above board and paid up.

Any ideas..?


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You could try resetting the SP6 (painful exercise, IMO, but sometimes the only option). Alternatively, you could try reinstalling the apps (Office/ Outlook in your case - lesser painful option). Also, are you syncing to OneDrive? And, is it a new machine? If yes to both, then it may be indexing/ downloading/ syncing, which MAY impact performance to some extent. The black border on the top is a different matter though - maybe graphics/ display drivers? Assuming you are all updated and all where system updates are concerned.


Uninstall and reinstall the apps through the MS Store before resetting the PC completely. Also a office repair sometimes helps. Have you tried running the applications in safe mode? Sometimes plugins cause trouble. Especially if you run the 64bit version and your plugins are 32bit.

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Yeah, I was going to say "reset" but if you can try reinstalling the apps to resolve the issue, do that first. Then just reset Windows (which I believe is the same as reinstalling windows?) and see if that solves the issue.


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Yes, uninstall "Microsoft Office" items from Settings, Apps... , then re-install.
You'll be delighted to find that your documents are all still there, since they were separate from the software.