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New arrivals, 2nd pre-order round come in yet?


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Has anyone received their new surface pro 128 they ordered on the second go round of pre-orders?
That would have been starting feb, 16. I orederd mine monday the 19th and my order status still shows:

Quantity: 1
Pre-Order Ship it
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Not sure about those online pre orders, but in my area (Ontario, Canada) It looks like best buys all over have received fresh shipments of the 128gb version

Arizona Willie

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I ordered one 128 gb Pro plus some accessories on Saturday 2/23 and the ordering page said it would be shipped Mar 1 ( hopefully this year ). :)
I got a shipment confirmation this morning for the accessories. Hopefully I will get shipment comfirmation on the Pro by Saturday.


I also ordered my 128 on Feb 16 with the caveat that shipping would be by March 1. No confirmed shipping email yet, although my accessories have arrived. Pretty crappy that I could go out to BB and pick one up now but I'm stuck waiting on delivery. Yeah, I knew it said "March 1" but who knew they would stock the stores before shipping to those who made a commitment to buy. Not a good stuation.


I picked a Pro 128 at a Microsoft Store in the local Mall (Bethesda, MD). They didn't have any Type keyboards left, but the Best Buy Mobile Store in the same mall did. So I got everything I needed.


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I ordered mine from MS store online about 5 minutes after they opened the orders on 2/16. I have not received it yet. I was hoping that shipping BY March 1st might mean it would ship before March 1st. I am hoping that the wait is worth buying it from MS directly. I did that because I wanted the warranty and technical support from them. Our Best Buy techs here know less about repairing computers than I do.

Arizona Willie

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I ordered my Pro 128 last Friday along with some accessories. The accessories came yesterday and I got a shipping confirmation for the Pro 128 this morning.
Supposed to be shipped Overnight so I hope to see it tomorrow afternoon.