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Hello everyone,

I decided to get a SP3 last week rather than waiting around for the SP4. When Microsoft first announced the Surface Pro 3 I knew the future had arrived. Microsoft had finally bridged the gap at least in the terms for form factor for tablet and laptop functionality. The new Type Cover is really a marvel of engineering as well and works a lot better than it really should. The new way it attaches to the screen to add stability is a game changer to really make this work.

All in all, I really like the SP3 so far and I'm still trying to make the best use of it. My primary motivator for getting the SP3 now rather than waiting was my recent investment into Logos Bible Software. It's been the main reason I've been wanting a Surface and now that I've invested a good amount of money into getting the software, I decided not to wait any longer.

Also the 3:2 screen ratio along with the size and resolution is amazing for reading comics. :D



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The future never arrives. :) That's why we call it the future.
But some people think the Surface Pro 3 has done a bit of time traveling.

Welcome, @maverick777 to a well-lighted place to discuss all things Surface, and contribute your experience. Members here have Surface RT, Pro, Pro 2, Pro 3, and other devices, running Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10 Preview, and other operating systems.

Glad you've joined, and thanks for that first post.


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My Pro3 is so bad ass, that I forgot all about the Samsung Ultrabook that I own. It's just sitting there in my kid's learning room.


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Thanks for the welcome everyone.

That pen and paper in the left of the picture is somehow redundant.....welcome !!

Pen and paper still has it's place for me. I journal very regularly and prefer to use pen and paper over a digital medium. It's something I can pass along to my kinds (when/if I have them). I also collect fountain pens and like messing around with all the various colors of inks that are available.