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Solved Num Lock


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REPLY FROM ELAINE to Wykkyd: You are a blessing!!! Thanks for enough clues to allow me to FINALLY type in French on my SurfacePro!!! I did what you said:

Clicked on the Windows icon+R
typed: OSK (for on-screen keyboard)
then clicked: OK

clicked: "Options" under the 10-keypad
checked "Turn on numeric key pad" then OK

Brought in a Word document. (I use an external 10-key pad which has no "numlock" on it.) Typed alt 130 on my exterior 10-key pad, then accidentally clicked on the spacebar, which brought in the accented e. é I've never had to use the spacebar before. Just lifting off of the alt key will bring in the accented letter on my desktop computer.

For those of you trying to use ASCII codes in typing the special accent marks for Spanish, French, German, etc., I hope the above works for you, too.

Thank you for registering for this forum JUST to provide the answer that even Microsoft's TECH SUPPORT couldn't provide us! I did the same.

Elaine (I'm a novice.)
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