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Official I ordered a Surface Book


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I just pulled the trigger on a i7/16/512 and I am hyped to check it out. I had a surface pro 1, then a surface pro 3, and now the move to the SB. I also have a bunch of Macs, but I really think the SB is going to get my pretty close to where I want to be for a windows experience. Its sadd to see my SP3 go though, putting it up on eBay tomorrow.


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My company's typical laptop for most employees is a Macbook, but I am a staunch anti-Apple guy (for many reasons, some irrational, I admit, but I can't stand Apple as a company). Anyway, they understand I'm a PC guy, and I was able to get approved to order a Surface Book (similar price range to Macbook Pros).

The order has been placed for the 512GB Surface Book, Core i7, 16GB RAM with dGPU. Should get here by the end of the week (hopefully sooner) and I can't wait to make it my daily driver. I'm a UX designer as well as a graphic designer, so Photoshop and Illustrator are always running on my PC. Currently, I use a Toshiba Kirabook, which has certainly run its course for me. It's showing its age and that constant, loud fan noise drives me crazy.

I'm really looking forward to being able to put pen to screen for some designs that would normally take much longer or be near impossible with a mouse. In the meantime, while I wait for it to arrive, I can just stare at the Surface Dock and the Pen Tip Kit that already arrived :)


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I pre-ordered a Surface Book 10/07/2015. I7, 16GB, 512GB. No MS Care or Dock.

I am wondering if I should have gotten the Surface Pro 4, since the Surface Book has three hour battery life in tablet mode. I did want it for hand written notes in classes too, some of those five hour classes can get long. :)

Well you get like 3 hours if the clipboard is separated from the base. But you can turn the clipboard around and use in tablet mode and you still get 12 or so hours. It's just a little bit heavier.


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placed an order for my first sb performance base (i7 512gb). Got an it's on its way email on wednesday night. Tracking have been stuck at "Label created" until now. Is it normal? what exactly is happening?