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Pen issues


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Hi all

I have been loving the stylus for the Surface since I got it last month - I do writing in One Note and filling out PDFs etc. Yesterday I started having a problem where the cursor for the pen would randomly flick over to the bottom right of the screen and get stuck there. It is only fixed by rebooting (as far as I can tell).

I have done some searching and not found this problem before - does anyone have advice on how to solve it?

It happened about 3 or 4 times within minutes of trying to annotate a PDF yesterday, and I thought it was from my partner using the Pro right handed (I'm a lefty), however it has just started while I'm using Fresh Paint.

Advice or ideas?


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Just a few questions - Do you have the SURFACE software installed - if so have you attempted to adjust the pens sensitivity level etc? Have you done a screen / pen calibration in the Control Panel? Also - have you examined your screen for dirt or damage with the screen off (of course)?

One last thing....Is the keyboard attached while this is happening?


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Ok....no, it's not an issue with the touch pad being touched - and once it has started as I said it needs a complete reset.

The Surface software is installed - I checked the sensitivity thing before posting, and it didn't fix anything.

I haven't tried calibrating again, I couldn't remember how to, but next time it happens I will give it a shot (I've just found the option for it - thanks).

There doesn't seem to be any dirt or damage. As I said, it only happens after a little while, and it's only been the last two days. It's normally fine.

...and yes the keyboard is attached.

Thanks for the help :)