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Power Cover setup



wouldn't they just need like a very large fuzzy sticker just to make the base big enough? i mean i know its not as engineered as the pen holder.. . . ... . . ... . . . ...

Yeah I suppose, would seem gimmicky though - can see Apple users trolling MS for something like that.


I'm feeling you about using the power cover with this case. However with an i7, I'm hesitant to use that case with the amount of air vents covered int the pics. I just wish there was a leather portfolio case that allows me to use the kickstand fully, fits the keyboard and doesn't cover the vents. I wonder if they will drop the price of the power cover soon?


Should have explained better... Not many accessories play nice with the old Power Cover for the SP2 and Surface 2, (although it works perfectly with the SP3). The above case, for example, partially covers up where the magnet of the new Type Cover attaches, and in this light, it actually serves better as a Power Cover case. Also, most folio cases aren't applicable if you have the MS tempered glass screen protector installed, as they usually clip onto the glass edges and dislodge the protector.

The above set works together fluidly, and the tray portion of the folio hides the fact that the Power Cover isn't sized perfectly for the SP3.

Okay, that helps, makes sense. How quick, easy is it to get the SP3 in and out of the case? I'm on a port replicator when in the office, but have read that some cases are really hard (tight) to get the SP3 in and out of. Want to be able to go back and forth between the two - case and port replicator - quick and easy without scuffling up the unit.

Particularly interested in how "tight" the machine is in the case as I already have a Skinomi carbon fiber skin on my SP3.

Thanks in advance.