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Problem Installing Adobe CS4 - Resolution Issue with Surface Pro?


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Love my new Surface Pro! I went to try and install my Adobe CS4 Master Collection and during the install process it told me my screen resolution was too low. CS4 requires something like 1280 x 900 resolution. My surface pro was at maximum resolution which is well above that. So I ignored the message.

However when it got to the installation screens where I would have to acknowledge license agreements, settings, etc. the text was at a different resolution and I couldn't navigate within the screen to the controls to accept the agreement and continue, etc.

Any idea what is causing this and how to get around it? Seems rather odd.


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Yes, there are a couple of threads talking about this already. The problem seems to be the default scaling of 150%. Try setting the scaling to 100% and see if that works. From Desktop Charms>Settings>Personalization>Display.