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[Q] date start shipping?

Sorry I feel like a kid that can't wait for Christmas on this. The surface book is the first surface I'm buying but have used other products in the line with work or friends and have been impressed.
There seems to be differences in the statements of shipping between Microsoft and other fan sites. Fan sites say it starts shipping on the 26th but Microsoft says it will ship by that date. Does anyone know when they will actually start shipping out?


Some companies will ship it the 26th, and others a few days before to be delivered on the 26th. It's up to the company and their shipping methods whether you get it on time or a few days after the 26th.


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AFAIK they deliver on the 26th (ordered from MS Store). My first preorder in 2012 they delivered the keyboard the day before and the Surface was delivered on the "Date". In some cases it might depend on where you live.

When I tracked the packages it showed they originated from a point not that far away which I took to be a staging warehouse. IIRC it left there around midnight and was in my hands before noon. YMMV :)

I assume the main package is shipped with a Do Not Deliver Before order. This is how Santa Clause works. :)

AFAIK - as far as I know
IIRC - if I recall correctly
YMMV - your mileage may vary


And Microsoft informed me that they won't ship till the 26th. Even though the site leaves it for interpretation that it might ship before then.
I got a different answer - I was told by Microsoft Canada Store representative, that in major centres (i.e. my home Calgary) delivery should be on October 26.

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If anyone believes they can get an accurate prediction on something like this from some low-wage, online customer service rep in Delhi whose skill set maxes out at "reading a script," then one's intelligence may be less a match for the Surface Book and better suited to, say, a new box of Crayons.

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Sorry to be harsh. I couldn't help myself. Predictions from customer service reps, in-store or online, are only slightly less accurate than a Magic Eight Ball.

Enjoy your Surface Book, whenever it arrives. I'm in the same boat of feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve, and I'll be watching for the mailman on the 26th too. And perhaps again on the 27th and 28th.