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Replacement Type Cover - Non-Microsoft Options?


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Hi all,

My partner has been happily using her Surface Pro 3 for many years and the type cover is now showing signs of wear and tear with the covering starting to peel away. A replacement Microsoft Type Cover remains quite expensive so I was wondering what people think of the various generic type covers available priced at around £50 compared to the official Microsoft options at around £120+.

The non-Microsoft covers all seem to use Bluetooth to connect and require a rechargeable battery so they can be used docked or even separated from the surface. I can't find any evidence that the keyboards will work with Bluetooth turned off using the surface connectors like the Microsoft one does. My worry with these is if the battery runs out and she can't find the keyboard charger cable then she can't use the keyboard, or when in Airplane mode.

Has anyone used a non-Microsoft type cover? Are they any good?



I have an Arteck unit. One of the family SP3s stopped responding to any keyboard; all keyboards worked on other machines, so I got this one to "salvage" the problem SP3, and it works fine, with limits. It's bluetooth, so that means that it doesn't autmagically switch off when you go to tablet mode. On the other hand, it works when it's not connected to the SP3. All in all, not bad. The keys themselves aren't quite as nice as those on the fancy Surface keyboard, but pretty good. When I need to travel again, I'll plan on taking it along. In the meantime, I'm finding that most of the time, for most of the things I use the SP3 for, the on-screen keyboard is adequate.


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Anyone know of a Bluetooth TypeCover-like keyboard, where the trackpad options in the Windows settings work? I don't want tapping the trackpad to cause a mouse-click.