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I have a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10. I was wondering if anyone knew what combination of add ons I would need to run my television as a second screen.

I'm after a way of sending video from my surface (but not specific apps so Chromecast etc is no good) to the television while continuing to use my surface (so Microsoft Display adapter on it's own is no good).

I'm aware the resolution would be reduced but I can't work out what I need or if it's even possible.

I'm a bit of a novice so forgive me using the wrong terminology.


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Thanks for your response.

I'd like to have my TV operate as monitor from my surface pro 3 but independently to what is displaying on the surface pro screen itself.


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That's interesting but I'm not certain what you are saying can be done if I understand you. If the TV is a second screen it's second screen. You should be able to make the TV the primary desktop when connected and do something else on the Surface screen but they will be a part of the same thing. I may still be missing something. I'm guessing from the first post that for whatever reason the Microsoft Display Adapter is not an option nor is Chromecast.


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Just get a mini display port to HDMI adapter cable. Then plug it in. Should come up straight away. Go into display settings and choose 'extend these displays' and it will make each screen be able to display different applications/information/Etc.