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Screen off & Spotify


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Hey there,

Has anyone noticed that automatic screen off, also turns off the speakers when playing music ?

Anyone found a solution to this perhaps? I have read there might be a workaround, by disabling "connected standby". Though I'm wondering if there are also other solutions? I also tried using a "screen off" APP, but that doesn't work either.

thanks in, advamce guys!
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Hi. Yep, I ran into this issue soon after getting my SP4. The ideal solution would be for Spotify to build Universal Windows App, which we can't expected anytime soon apparently. The unusual behavior of SP is that "turn off display" works the same as "put computer to sleep". Disabling connected stand-by in settings didn't help. My workaround is to have "turn off display" and "sleep" set at several hours and use the blank screen-saver instead after 10 minutes.


If you're connected via HDMI, you can turn off the screen, and still send data / video / audio, etc. it's quite strange, i've yet to find anything that works personally :(