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Sdxc not showing up anymore.


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I tried to transfer some files to my Sandisk micro sdxc card in my pro before a trip. When I woke up, the card was not recognized. Didn't make any sounds when inserted or removed. I tried with regular sdhc cards and they were and still are working fine. I look under device manager when the card is inserted, and it is recognized as a Mass Storage Device (Port.#0005,Hub.#0003).

I assumed it was the card failing, so I ordered a Samsung micro sdxc card, which arrived today. I installed it, and no response, same as with the Sandisk. I've reinstalled the realtek SD driver twice, and occasionally the Removable device F: shows up on file explorer, but locks up until the card is removed.

Has anyone encountered this before/heard of this happening before? I'd rather not start fresh if it's not going to fix the problem.