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SP3 Sync questions


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Hey everyone I just got a SP3 i5 256gb, and I have to say I love this thing. I took it to work today and it made my whole day so much easier than having to carry around my Macbook Pro and the charger for it all day. I am enjoying using this so much more than my mac. I will not go into all the reasons why, because I am sure all of you were in my shoes at one point as well, but I will get to my question. I work for a TV station and most of the computers there are Macs that we edit the shows on, I am by no means in favor of one over another, to each their own and use what you like is my theory, however my calendar, contacts along with my reminders etc are on an Iphone. Does anyone know of a way to keep the SP3 synced with them so if I happen to update my calendar or a reminder on my phone or a computer at work it will update on the SP3 as well. I have a gmail account if that helps with anything.


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I am by no means an expert on this issue, but I have struggled with the problem of e-mail synchronization in the past. There are several threads on this issue in this forum as well, and can be searched.

Short answer: Microsoft, Google and Apple do not play well together. Last year Google suspended its support of synching with MS, and Apple is very picky about keeping its customers on a short leash. I found I could access my wife's iPhone email with the help of iCloud (downloadable to the SP3 desktop). However, iCloud did not allow me to synch my Hotmail account properly.

SharpColorado seems to know how to make all these things work, maybe he will see this and offer some help.


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Use Apple's iCloud for Windows to sync everything up. And while you're at it, install Apple's Airport Utility for Windows to get access to your TimeCapsule drives or any network drives you may have attached to your Apple networking devices.

Regarding Google, don't sync separately to your iphone/Apple devices and Microsoft account. Duplication of contacts and events can occur. Instead, if syncing to Google is a must, sync to iPhone/Apple only, then let the iCloud for Windows handle the connection to your Microsoft device.