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SP3 with old type cover

I'm leaning toward the 64 GB SP3, since I only use it for word processing and internet access. I've been happy with my Surface RT and I think the I3 version will be a step up from the RT. I'll probably keep my current type cover, they say it'll work with it OK, and I've been happy enough.


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I can confirm the original Type cover will work, if that's what you're looking for. The original RT was a little sluggish IMO underpowered, you should notice the i3 SP3 to be a bit snappier.


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You'll be missing out on the 2nd magnetic strip on the new Type Cover, which allows for much better laptop usage, if that matters to you.


Thank you both.
GreyFox7 spoke to my two chief concerns:
1. That the two would work together
2. That the SP3 would work for my purposes at least as good as the RT
Fonsecaj, I'm comfortable using the RT as a laptop replacement, so I can only assume the SP3 will only be better. When I'm a little more money ahead I'll buy the SP3 type cover.


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Yes, the i3 will be significantly better than your RT.

The main reasons you would want the new Type Cover are because it fits the screen properly, the trackpad is bigger and better, and it has the new magnets to elevate the top of the keyboard - like unfolding the tabs beneath a desktop keyboard.


I'm sure I will get the new Type Cover, sometime, but being able to use the old one until the right time comes along to get the new one is helpful to me.


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ya know, you can find a pretty good price for them in fleEbay, crapslist, and kijiji for around half the price or a little more (60%) if your lucky and look around... ;)