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spot the Surface!


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was watching some episodes of ELEMENTARY and have seen him using the surface many times, think it's pretty kool, also seen the peeps in Hawaii 5 o pull out a surface! what other movies/shows have you seen the Surface appear?
I also spotted a Surface in a Lincoln MKZ commercial. I wasn't able to locate the commercial in YouTube, but I'm sure it's out there somewhere.
saw a surface in one of the Dallas (new version) episodes. It was only a moment, but I was impressed that they had it in the tv show as it must have been early on in the release of the surface.
I'm generally not impressed by such blatant product placement.

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ha! GF was watching latest episode of Vampire Diaries and low and behold a Surface tablet...funny I'm so used to seeing ipads in movies/tv shows that it's good to see some Surface tablets now!

holy crap I can't believe how much the Surface is starting to appear in the TV shows! another Surface showing up in another Hawaii 5-o...what do you guys think? will the Surface start outshining the ipad?

btw here is the Lincoln MKZ commercial capture... noticed they took off the windows logo lol