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spot the Surface!


ha! GF was watching latest episode of Vampire Diaries and low and behold a Surface tablet...funny I'm so used to seeing ipads in movies/tv shows that it's good to see some Surface tablets now!
Only difference is Micros has to pay for these product placements lol


If you see a brand name or logo of a product on TV, you can be sure somebody paid for it to be there.


There are plenty of iPad's on TV or movies where the logo is covered or it's called something else because they're not paying....but everyone knows it's an iPad.

PearPad, I know....this was a sarcastic joke, but this still works out in Apples favor lol



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well by your anology then, windows didn't pay to have it's product in several movies commercials like for instance the MKZ commercial or shield tv show, or the "Arrow" and some others? I don't think Micro has to pay like your suggestion nor is it a "micro" thing like your suggesting...but none the less it does work out in micros favor like you claim... I think it pertains to ALL product placement that haven't/won't pay to have their logo in the tv/movies :wink:


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Excellent... when you see images like that you really understand why Microsoft took the decision to change the logo to Surface on the new models (which I still think is a shame as they don't look nearly as good!)


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In Code.org's "Hour of Code" video (on Google homepage today), there was a quick glimpse of a Surface + Type Cover :)


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