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spot the Surface!


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Just spotted the Surface in the new movie "The Martian"!!! It was a great movie btw. I was so happy to see what looked like a Surface Pro 3 on several desks in the movie!

Well, I hope that by the time we colonize Mars we have something new from Microsoft.


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was watching some episodes of ELEMENTARY and have seen him using the surface many times, think it's pretty kool, also seen the peeps in Hawaii 5 o pull out a surface! what other movies/shows have you seen the Surface appear?

Watched the NFL they are all over the place.


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Bringing this back from the dead!!! Arrow had been using Surface Pro 2's for the longest, but season 3 has shown the Surface 3 (non-Pro)!!! Love it!!! Staying true to the form factor throughout the different iterations of Surface models!!
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There's a new show on Animal Planet "The Vet Life". At least one of the docs appears to be using a SP4


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Wow been a while since anyone posted in here! Still, I noticed a Pro in EastEnders this week; didn't get a pic, but I did when I saw one along with a Book in Detectorists :)