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Square Trade warranty - Anyone use it before?

Just an observation, but the Amazon link you provided doesn't include accidental coverage. Microsoft Complete extended warranty provides 2 years accident coverage, 2 years tech support, and extends the original limited hardware warranty by 1 year ($99 Surface RT and $149 Surface Pro, I'm assuming 2nd gen will follow the same pattern, with deductible). However, I'm not sure if the Complete warranty is additive or overlays the standard 1-year warranty; a live chat with an MS rep came out to 3 years total, supposedly.

None of those extended warranties cover the keyboard covers, either (unless there's a SquareTrade version covering the peripheral).
If you are in Europe I would not get an extended warranty. When I bought my Surface RT in the begining of 2013, it came with warranty that expires in the middle of 2015.