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Still have connection issues with the store


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Anyone else? Did anyone figure out a fix? It was really bad the first month....if I clicked on an app it only worked 50% of the time. This is kind of ridiculous, considering how important the app store is supposed to be. How have they not fixed this yet? It's a crap shoot on if the app store works when sorting, selecting apps, reading reviews, etc.....always get the connection problem.
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Have you installed all updates? If all else fails = Charms Bar > Settings > Change PC settings > General > Refresh your PC without affecting your files. If that doesn't help try the Remove everything and reinstall windows
I figured out how to fix this problem. I bought a new wireless router! I bought the Netgear n900. I'm using it on 5ghz and it is smoking fast now while surfing the web. I didn't realize how important the router is. I no longer have the problem with the Store....no connection dropping.
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Well that is probably good for more than one reason. Glad to hear everything is working now.