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still not sleeping properly


So after the latest firmware update, (March), I thought I'd give sleep a go again after a month of only allowing hibernate. Lots of fans whirring and no start up ensued. Back to hibernate only methinks :)


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Which CPU do you have, when did you get your Surface Pro 2, and can you do the following:
-> Open the command prompt as Admin (Win+X, and select: Command Prompt (Admin))
-> type: cd c:\, and hit the Enter key
-> then type: powercfg -energy, then hit the Enter key

This will run a diagnosis. It will write a report called energy-report.html in your C:\ drive, when it will be done.
When done, open energy-report.html.

Do you see any errors listed?
Does the problem still happens when you remove the keyboard and restart the system?


Sometimes, I'm still having crashes when trying to wake it up from sleeping mode. Now they are quite seldom, but still having this kind of issue once or twice a week (some months ago I had the issue once or twice a day).

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