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Surface Book - Enough is Enough - Back to Apple I go.


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I have to agree with these last comments. I agree that Windows is a much more complicated animal than Mac OS due to the multiple configurations it has to support, but that is not the issue with the SB. With the SB, Microsoft had a great opportunity to showcase how well its flagship OS could perform on its own hardware, and it failed miserably. There may be people not having problems, but there are plenty of people having problems, and most of them seems to stem from drivers and docks that were not adequately tested before being sold. That is inexcusable IMHO. Even though one of my two SBs is functioning really well, I have to consider this product launch a huge fail for Microsoft.


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It is bad that they have shipped with such issues still present. However the US is always first so are most likely to get more problems.
Hopefully the next patch will sort everything before its released to more markets.
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