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Surface laptop not that popular?


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I am now the proud owner of both a Surface Pro 4, and a brand spanking new PowerHouse, Surface Book2, 15 in, 1TB SSD, 16GB Ram - I am pleased with both machines. I am the Lead IT Tech for a company here in Germany and they are on the brink of spending a boatload of money on the SB2 15 Inch by investing in 12 of them. They are all around great machines and minus a small snaffu with my SP4 - which Microsoft promptly, (with a little bit of teeth pulling on their end) - I got a refurbished machine within 2 weeks. I was only without my machine for 1.5 Days total -

Overall - great machines. I cannot stand anything the ever so proprietary Apple people put out. It's their way, or the highway - Not what I am looking for in a machine as I want to be able to do whatever it is I want, without having to first "jailbreak / void warranty" a machine. Anyhow, for me - its BOO on the Apples.


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I just bought a Surface Laptop a couple a months ago, but seeing the new SB2, I'm kind of drooling.
What I've experience is that reselling Surface Laptop is much harder than selling a MB.
I use my SL mostly for work related and I'm experience a significant wear on the alcantara.
MBP have a substancial higher build quality compared with SB on the long term, and we can see that by looking at the amount of MBP experience problems on the long term compared with SB issue existing everywhere.
It's such an expensive machine... I'm torn apart.


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The Surface Laptop is competing with every other touch enabled Windows Laptop out there. Some of the competition like the XPS, Spectre etc are compelling alternatives to it. Personally I do not understand why MS came out with it, nor is it a device that interests me given the wide range of alternatives, some of which are clearly better.

I have SP4s, but I bought a MS refurb SL fully warrantyeed with the i5 4/128 for $500 so it was a bargain. It's just a really good laptop, but nothing really special in terms of breakthroughs. It has a touchscreeb, but not as flexible as my SP4s. It has the alcantara but who cares. It does the job and is convenient. I use it for mail, surfing, Word.


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I have a SP4 (though the battery is far below optimal now after a few years of hard use). It currently serves as my back up machine. I did buy a SL2 recently but returned it after 2 days. My main reason was the alcantara keyboard. Having been a dedicated Surface user over the years, I have found that the KB discolours over time and prolonged use - and I use my machine a lot! With the Surface Pro machines, replacing the KB was never really an issue. But with the SL2, that would not have been possible given the way it is constructed. And, I did not want to deal with the issue, which I foresaw coming to pass a few months down the road. Thus, I opted for a regular laptop (in my case, a ThinkPad X1 C6).

Having said all of the above, there were 3 things I was looking for in a laptop, which the SL2 did offer - (1) lightweight and thin (2) excellent AR (3:2) - I should add that though I have as much of a soft corner for ThinkPads as I do for Surface devices, the AR of the Thinkpad is 16:9 (if I am not mistaken) and I do miss the 3:2 AR, which is kind of a big deal for me; and (3) battery life, which the SL2 also offered though again, the battery would not be replaceable once it inevitably wears down, which is something that the ThinkPad enables.

I would say that the SL2 is a super machine, but, in my opinion, for those with a light touch. I just wish MS gets over their alcantara fixation!!


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The Surface Laptop might just be one of the best laptops for writers, with one of the best keyboards we've ever used. It could use a few more ports, but it's an easy laptop to recommend to anyone that is going to be typing a lot.


The Surface Laptop might just be one of the best laptops for writers, with one of the best keyboards we've ever used. It could use a few more ports, but it's an easy laptop to recommend to anyone that is going to be typing a lot.
I bought an SL3 last year, and I love it. I have a Surface Dock 2 at home, where I have a printer and a bunch of external drives hooked up, and a Surface Dock 2 at the office, where the main interface is to a printer. That single magnetic connection to everything is very nice.


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Ive been looking at the surface laptop off and on at best buy and it's definately a nice piece of hardware...but i come into the forum and there is barely any posts about it? whats up? is it the price ? I plan on buying another computer between now and christmas and lo0king at the surface laptop and the macbook pro 13.3...
Surface laptops are not as popular as some other laptop brands, like Apple's MacBook or various Windows-based laptops from manufacturers such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo. However, they still have a dedicated user base and are known for their build quality and unique features, making them a viable choice for some consumers.