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Surface on TV


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Tonight as I've been watching MSNBC's coverage of the mid-term elections it's pretty cool to see them using Surface Pros on their news desk with several of them right up there in front of the on-air personalities like Chris Matthews and others.

I mean, it's a given considering it's MSNBC as in Microsoft-NBC News. :)


Barry is using a Surface Book 2 in "Barry" Chapter 5 "Do Your Job." Maybe some other episodes as well, but that is as far as I have gotten in the series and wasn't looking for the Surface devices in the previous 4 :)


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These days it's everywhere. Shows up in Blindspot sometimes, my favorite show on USA network, Suits, shows that Donna always uses a Surface Pro on her desk. Then there's Last Man Standing, the wife uses a Surface Pro but closed it weirdly once. She put the screen down. I always lift the keyboard up to the screen to close my Surface Pro when I have the keyboard attached.

FBI has the Surface Pro in it. Seen it on the Food Network a couple of times. It's great seeing it everywhere. Makes the situations more believable rather than the person using an iPad to accomplish a task that the iPad's operating system, iOS, CLEARLY would not be capable of accomplishing. lol.