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Surface Pro 3 i3 version heat levels under gaming load?


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Just wondering how hot the i3 version gets under an intensive gaming load? E.g. DOTA2 or a 3D shooter?

If it just gets warm with the fans turning on that would be ok, but if it feels uncomfortable to touch I may go with the S3 instead.



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It will get warm, most likely very warm.

You might want to check out some reviews with regard to gaming on the s3, because from what i gather, you wont be able to play things like dota or 3d shooters on it in any kind of enjoyable way. Maybe ask in the s3 forum for someone to try these games for you.


S3 Atom is not Surface Pro 3 i3 version.

Both will have heat generated. i3 moreso because it's a faster processor, plus the fan noise. If you want more gaming and don't want the i5 or i7 models, then the i3 will be better than S3.