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Surface Pro 4 keyboard


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Does anyone know if there is a way to use the PRO 4 keyboard on the surface 3? My wife has the PRO 4 and doesn't user her keyboard at all. And rather than spend another $130 on a keyboard for my surface 3 is there a way to get it to work? I can snap the keyboard on but the surface 3 does not recognize it at all.
When first using my Surface 3 Type Cover for my Surface 3 some keys didn't work and I think it needed some time to get going. Perhaps you should leave it connected for a while longer
Just plugged my type cover 4 into my s3, works like a charm. Absurdly impractical though, unless it's for when not leaving the house, in which case why not just use a cheap usb/bluetooth keyboard

If she doesn't use it at all, just sell it and buy a cheap S3 type cover off ebay.
I'm guessing it won't fit properly at all.

IMO the Logitech Keys to Go is a decent BT keyboard but for a case + keyboard in one, I'd just get an original S3 Type Cover. I know it's not cheap but it works great at least. Not as nice as the SP4 keyboard though now that I've owned both and tried them back to back.
Of course it does. That has been made clear by Microsoft from the presentation of the Surface Pro 4 onwards. However, the Surface 3 could be a different matter.