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On the fence - used Surface Pro 3 or New 4


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I also have not upgraded from my i7 SP3 but I do have the new versions of both the keyboard cover and pen. The accessories are excellent - so well designed, the keyboard is truely amazing and a massive upgrade. On the SP3 the pen is only a slight upgrade on the old pen as the pressure sensitivity increases don't register that much but the new tips are fabulous. Both have made my i7 feel like new again. The only reason I'd consider upgrading to the SP4 now would be for the cooler running as my SP3 has been fairly solid, I've had some fan running issues and poor battery life lately but I've found that was probably due to Edge, so since I switched to using Firefox as my main browser I'm not hearing the fan anywhere near as much.

6 months time I might consider the i7 SP4... but until then I'm still happy with my Pro 3.

I have found that after the TH2 update, my SP3 (i5/ 128GB/ 4GB) is running a bit warmer than what it previously used to and yes, I think it is Edge which is the culprit. I do wish MS would speed up their optimization of Edge because I am loathed to use any other browser.

As and when I get an opportunity, I will get the KB and the Pen and perhaps a few months down the road, I may just get the SP4. But as of now, aside from the warming up of the SP3 (and the fans coming on more frequently than the pre TH2 days) I have no complaints about it.


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We've been around the world together. I have learned to trust my SP3, including with my livelihood. I think it likes me, too. ;)

Like me!!! Since I bought the SP3 (on release day in Canada), she has also traveled with me over the world and not once has she let me down. At first, insensitive as I was, I used to insult her presence by taking along an iPad Air, but later good sense prevailed (including at MS!!!) and I ditched the iPad and got a Surface 3 to keep her and me company. And, she sure appreciated it! She even agreed to share her Pen with the S3! We now make a terrific work and play combine with my Win Phones playing their part (and come Nov 30, the combine will get better when a 950XL joins the group!!)!!! :)


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Everyone seems to be on the same page on this one which is unusual. The type cover from the Pro 4 is so good, it is almost a 'must have' upgrade whereas the SP3 itself is still a great device and worth keeping.

Here in Australia we get a two year warranty so I'm keeping my i7 another 12 months and will get the next version of the Pro.

The keyboard and trackpad are not only way better with the new type cover but no more blocks of text disappearing as the cursor gets a mind of its own and disappears into another paragraph as you type. This happened with every earlier type cover I used and it drove my wife and myself crazy when doing a lot of typing.