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Surface Pro 4 Screen is flickering, overlapped


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Hi all,

My SP4 monitor has experienced weird issues after running for a while, at about 3-4 hours. I guess maybe because it's too hot or something. Please see the screencast:

May I asked if this is related to hardware, so that I need to ask for fixing/replacing monitor (which are quite costly) or just software issues ?
Thanks in advance for any help/suggestion,
Kiet Ngo


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Welcome Kiet Ngo

Have you tried resetting your surface to see if it occurs on a fresh install? This might help to narrow it down to software vs hardware


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Same thing has been happening to my sp4 as well. Gotten really bad today . What did you land up doing kietnh ?

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I have had to completely replace my Surface Pro 4 after a year of usage due to screen issues. Your issue however is something I have seen before. I am going to suggest that you....

1) Download the latest Surface Pro 4 Drivers from Download Surface Pro 4 Drivers and Firmware from Official Microsoft Download Center
2) Once downloaded, open the file and either Update or Remove the Surface Pro Files - REBOOT / Then Re-Install the drivers.

Please pardon me if you have already attempted this. I have found that by doing this, more often than not this resolves many of the software / hardware issues. A few questions.........

1) Do you by chance have any aftermarket software on your Machine that deals with transparency settings?
2) What is the state of your Surface Pro when this occurs? I know you mentioned after a few hours of operation this occurs, but is the fan running provided your model has a fan?
3) Does this occur every time you run your machine for 3-4 hours? Or is this issue intermittent?
4) Have you connected your Surface Pro to an external monitor to see if this also occurs on a 2nd monitor?

I would venture to say that its most likely software related. Obviously it's manifesting itself on your hardware - however, I really think that if you follow the steps above, your issue might stop. (Let's hope so anyhow).

Hope this Helps,

Mike H


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Hi MikemanSP4,

Thanks for your suggestion. I have tried to plug the SP4 into an external monitor when the issue appeared and it's working fine in the external monitor but broken still in SP4's monitor itself. So I can be sure it is a hardware (monitor) problem. Poor me :(

By the way, appreciate for your help Mike !



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I'm gonna crazy about this. After spending 200$+ for a new screen, the issue is still appearing. What am I gonna do? Any advice?